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Green Steel Constructions in Turkey!

We are the green steel construction company in Turkey, building the future of energy generation with a focus on wind power.

Green Energy As a Business

What Is Green Steel?

Steel Constructions A Turkish Building company.

Steel Constructions is a world wide company with its headquarter in Turkey. Steel constructions has diversified its business and offers a full range of building, energy and wind power products to customers all over the world.

Our Products

Steel Constructions Turkey is a green construction company in Turkey. We build buildings based on good climate protection, energy saving and ecological balance. We have a wide range of services which we provide to private and public sectors in order to comply with the highest standards during construction process.

We Power your house

Learn more how and where people like yourself get power generated from us.

We provide power to you

We pride ourselfs with beeing one of the leadning green buidling companies in Turkey.


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In Turkey

Go Solar!

If you’re looking for a company that can construct high-quality solar panels, look no further than Steel Construction Turkey. We’ve been building solar panels in Turkey for over 12 years, and we know exactly how to do it right. From the planning stages all the way through to installation, we take care of everything so you can focus on your business. Contact us today to learn more!

The future of Turkish energy 

Steel Constructions Turkey is a company that builds houses, buildings, commercial spaces and everything in between with luxury and green materials. We have invested heavily in wind power, a resource that can turn Turkey into an energy-independent country.

How It Works

We can handle small as well as big construction projects and specialize in Green construction inTurkey.

Green Power

We belive in the future of renewable power.


Green energy is cheaper and smarter to use.


Solar and wind are very effecitve power sources.

Green Energy

To a much lower price!

Clean. Renewable. Efficient.

Steel Constructions Turkey is a green construction company in Turkey. We build houses, factories and wind farms, with an emphasis on natural energy solutions.

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